Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cameras, Cakes, and Coffee ~ My Life is Complete

Friday Fragments is hosted by Mrs.4444's

Friday Fragments, commonly referred to as FF, is a great place
 to put ideas, thoughts, and short writes.
They are normally easy to read and short in length...
which is nice for busy people like me!

Last week I was unable to participate in the Friday Fragments episode
 due to a little "minor" delay... my blog was deleted.
The story on this incident is a post entirely it's own.
We are all about fragments here... NOT novels!
The post explaining how this accident happened is found here...
 I called it "Poop Happens"! Make sure it doesn't happen to you!

As you can see, I am up and running again,
but still a little sad that I lost those recorded memories.


I finally got my new camera that I've been going on and on about the last few months.
See, good things do come to those who wait!

I have been enjoying this gift more than any gift I think I have ever received!
Mr. Takamine loves me!

As you can see, I decided to go with Canon for personal preference!
Not at all what I expected I would choose,
 (having my mind made up on a Nikon, which by the way, I still want of those too),
but after playing around with my options and getting some professional advice,
 it's the one I decided I liked best!
The truth is, the camera has little to do with the art of photography.
But good gear does help, no doubt!
I can't wait to see what I can do with this.
I live to learn new things.


I am presently reading a few awesome books.
They are only awesome, of course, if you have interest in these topics.
If you have ever doubted your abilities, or if you have family members
who have doubted your abilities to home school your children,
 this is an awesome resource for you!
Even if you don't have these challenges, Terrie Lynn Bittner offers
 a very nonsensical, down to earth, encouraging book in
Homeschooling~ Take a deep Breath You Can Do This.
I believe anyone can benefit from  this one!

This pic was taken with my new cam.
Still don't know how to use the editing software,
 so this one hasn't been altered in any way.
Would love to learn how to "watermark" my photos.


Pretty Flowers!

Shot with the new cam.

Another one of my birthday presents!
Flowers... I prefer color. Lots of them!
I thought the shades were all quite lovely.
I feel so loved and blessed;
 "Yay Me!"
Talk about random!;
Who is the famous Disney star that says this? "YAY ME!"
Bonus points for getting the name of the show and the charachters name correct!
(I have to admit I am little embarrassed that I even know the answer to this...
But I can't resist a quiz question!)


What a week!
Tomorrow we exchange gifts with our bridge friends :)
Who incidentally gave me this great looking cake last week... tasted pretty good too!

Camera, Cake, and Coffee! My life is complete :)

Here is to wishing everyone a Grrreat Friday and a Wonderful Weekend!
Stop by Friday Fragments for some more great reads from fragmented minds.


  1. Stopping by from Friday Frags...

    Love the camera- I want one!

    I homeschooled my daughter last year and I miss it!

    Have a great weekend and don't forget to stop by my blog hop:

  2. I am your first new follower! Sounds like a good book for anyone starting to home school their children. That looks like a pretty fancy camera--I love my digital camera!

    Here are instructions on how to watermark your photos:

    Stopping by from Friday Fragments.

  3. woohoo for the new camera!! very nice! i may have to catch the bug for one, but i really have no idea how to do such things as quality pictures.... would love to have time to learn though!

    is the 'yay me' from suite life?? i think i have heard it, but not sure which actor/actress says it.... could be way off as well. i am sorry you lost your blog, that is horrible!!!

  4. Home schooling - maybe my grandkids will be affected but since everyone learns at home even if they go to a school, I think the book would have some good advice for all parents.
    I'm no expert but does the "watermark" really protect that well? I do know there are special sites for selling photos that protect the sellers.

  5. That cake looks sooo good.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your blog being deleted. I'm off to read that post.

  6. Nice camera. That cake looks delish!

  7. Tettelestai... You are right, it's The Suite Life! Actress is Brenda Song, who plays the role of the "loaded" London Tipton... This kind of knowledge is really just ridiculous :)

    Karen, Thanks for the advice and links! Appreciate that!

    Liselman, I didn't realize the watermarking didn't protect your pics... It isn't that big of a concern to me right now anyway! I was just curious :)

  8. all I need is my camera, cake and coffee too! :)enjoy your new baby, your gonna have so much fun!!

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