Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photo Fun

We all know social networks are the new way to get information
and updates about the must knows of life!
Which includes but is not limited to the easy process of pasting your face
or favorite photo into a far out scene you only wish were tangible.
 Well, I found this pretty cool website, through a friend of mine on facebook, that offers a wide variety ways to play around with photos and to just have a little photo fun.

All you do is pick a scene and upload a photo (or 3)!
The pictures below seem to, sort of suggest that I am in love with myself...
 I do in fact love myself (mostly but with some reservations), but am not IN love with myself.
It just so happens that these few pics I used have a very quick upload time
 and were the fastest of all my options.

I'm easily entertained... what can I say?

What a cool idea, huh?

Choose whatever picture you like and let the fun begin!

After you've done this, publish a post on it and share the link below...
I can't wait to see what great ideas you come with!

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