Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Bash Explosion

This week I've been racking my brain for ideas on how to celebrate my daughters 6th birthday this year.
After a ton of researching and talking to my daughter about the things that really interest her,
and I came up with this... A Mad Science birthday party.
My daughters favorite subject so far in school has been science.
It's what she loves and wants to spend her school hours doing.
 It's the one subject I NEVER have to fight her on to get work accomplished.
It's the one topic that inspires her imagination and excites her daily learning goals.
It's what she lives for!
So why not spend a few bucks to have an awesome memorable,
and educational birthday bash for my special girl?

I found this awesome place online called Mad Science Group.
This is a worlds leading Science Enrichment provider for kids all over the United States.
I loved their unique, hands on approach to learning, and when I saw that they also did birthday parties,
 I was ecstatic at the opportunity. So, I jumped on it!

Go to the site and click our services, then click Mad Science Parties.
Double check before hand if your area group has the "goody bags" available... Mine didn't :-(
So I went to to create my own!

It's nearly impossible to find party gear to match this party topic, so I had to create everything for myself.
With only two weeks til the party I had to work fast to get the invites made and sent out.
After a bit of inspiration from a few other places, I finally came up with my own invites!
Can't wait to share them with you.

I can't wait to get out my camera and take some shots of the scientist in action...
This is sure to be a great time.
My husband seems to think it's more of a boys party and lovingly complains
that I try to make everything educational.
 He's right. I do! I fully admit my "dorky-ness". 
 But my daughter assured me that this was the kind of birthday party she wanted.
Can't wait to share the results with everyone.

Any of you have a birthday party from your childhood that you will never ever forget?
Would love to hear about it. What was the age and party theme?


  1. sounds like fun!! i am sure all the kids will enjoy it.
    our best bday bash was bellas bootcamp.... we used camo tents to decorate the house from pedro's job and we used him as the drill seargent. the kids did drills, played grenade war (water balloon fight), they drank swamp water (green punch), and a bunch of other games. we painted their faces with camo paint and gave them real army dogtags with their names and "Isabellas bootcamp 2009" on it. They all said it was the best party they ever went to. Even after doing situps and pushups LOL

  2. Maryann, that is one of the most fun and most creative birthday parties I have ever heard of... I remember some of the pics from that party. What an AWESOME idea... LOVE it :)


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