Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ideas are Everywhere!

Every now and then I run into an idea that has been carried out by someone else,
and made into a something wonderful.
Okay , I do it a lot! Last night, in fact, I did just that!

I am still (half way through the year) working on making our school room a place we love and want to be! I went through the chalkboard paint stage but I really prefer white walls in the school room because it's the smallest room in the house. I want it to look as large as possible. White paint is a good way to create that feeling in a smaller room.

Anyway, I ran into a website that offered one of coolest inventions I've seen in home improvement in a long time. It's genius! White Board (or Dry Erase) paint.
It's brilliant and I love the idea. However, it is quite pricey.
I may have to wait a bit on the remodel (unless I can find it a little cheaper),
 but I just had to share the information.
Very cool stuff!
Check out the website here!

I also found some by Rustoleum here! 

Has anyone had experience with or know anything about the dry erase paint?
I am always looking for the advice of knowledgeable others,
 tutorials on how to make you own, that sort of thing... Let me know :)

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