Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Oriental Trade of Science

I mentioned about our oldest daughters "explosive" science birthday party celebration coming up this weekend, and now I am beginning to feel a little more prepared.
The wonderful and expected UPS delivered all of my party goods yesterday promptly and nicely.
I ordered all of the special goodies from The Oriental Trading Company, a great one stop shop to find all your party needs. I was pleased. Here are the "goody bags"!

So I found these cool canvas eyeball totes on Oriental Trading for less than it would have
cost me for just some plain gift bags. I think I got a steal on these paying just $4.99 per dozen!
All of the gift tags were hand made in less than an hour!
My hand made gift tags were simple. Microsoft office word, a few clip art copies from photo bucket,
a printer, some construction paper and fancy scissors... it was a piece of cake!

I am just using these little butterflies as decor for the chalkboard goody bag table.
 I also found a couple of dinosaurs. The kids just had these lying around in their bedroom.
 I thought they were cute and added that feminine touch this party so greatly needed!
I also found these disgustingly neat test tube candy things, filled with gross items like severed fingers, eyeballs and other body parts of which I am unsure. I couldn't pass them up. They were perfect for the "Mad Science" party theme.

Each custom made gift bag includes 5 critter tattoos, one roll of eyeball bubble gum, 
one test tube candy,  one package of pop rocks, and one pair of google eyes glasses.
 Each of these items came in packages of a dozen... Perfect!
The total cost of these goody bags was about forty bucks, roughly $3.30 cents per child... not bad!
 I also picked up a few other cool things for the party spending a total of $55.00,
which means I got free shipping! YAY :)
 I can not wait to share the cake and the rest of the party with you in future posts...
This is so much fun!

My husband tends to think I go overboard on the birthday parties.
But for me, as a child, I remember my birthday parties being
such a big hit and so much fun, incidentally,
my husband doesn't remember any of his... go figure!

Do you think birthday parties should be great, celebrated events,
 or do think they deserve to be treated as any other day?
 I love the organization of it all.. It's a curse :)

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  1. Birthdays are big bashes!!! In our family, right??!! LOL


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