Friday, January 14, 2011

Us, Bored?... Never

When faced with a few days of winter hibernation, there comes a time when every mother must ask herself this question : "What on God's green earth can we possibly do now?"

When all else fails we go to our "Game and Craft" closet.
 This a the place designated especially for all things fun and creative.
This is the place where all the board games, paints, crayons, markers, and anything crafty
(usually from my favorite fun store, AC Moore) can be found.
The kids know when I open this closet, they will no doubt be engaging in a ton of fun!

For Christmas we received several boxed and "ready to create" cool things like:
 "Making Sock Puppets Kit",
 "Create With Clay",
 "Make Your Own Tutu",
"Loops and Loom",
 "Create your Own Jewelry",
 "Weaving Loom",
and none other than the fun fabulous,
 "Face Painting Kit".

During this time of pure desperation, we chose...
of course,...
 the fun and fabulous "Face Painting Kit"!

The kids had so much fun with this.

This kit came with all the paint and a brush and sponge and a book with sample photos.

Here we have the Disco Diva. Very fitting for this child! The sample pic actually had a lot of glitter. Unfortunately the kit didn't have the glitter with it. A little disappointing since I am sure it would have a made a significant visual difference. But hey, we had fun any way.

This was so much fun the girls even got into costume and into character mode. We were barking and crawling, singing to the top of our lungs, and dancing like there was no tomorrow!

The next day, the girls decided they liked it so much they wanted to use the paints again.
Only this time, I gave them free reign with the paints and their own brushes.
(Except, of course, the 2 year old at the bottom of the page!)
This is what they came up with!

Here we have a fish tank.

This one started off as an angel and then turned out to be,... well,... to this very day,
no one actually knows what she was!

I started off doing another puppy, then changed my mind and decided to do a bunny. I need a lot of practice!

Do you have a designated "fun" closet?
What sort of things do you find yourself putting in there and using for those "rainy" day's?

This was so much fun, but be prepared for a major mess :)
Worth it!!!


  1. haha...... too cute!! my fav is rachels!

  2. New follower here,stopping by to say Hi!!!!!You have a very beautiful family,you have been blessed.I love your black and white photos,black and whites are just timeless.
    Please feel free to stop by and visit sometime.
    blessings for now~


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