Monday, January 10, 2011

Whoa the Snow!

 The snow we have had in the south is no longer new news.
It won't last long, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can! 

Today, we spent some time in school work, because we homeschooling peeps can do that if we want to, then we had a play break, an hour or so of that is enough to do you in for the rest of the day.
 Every school in the Carolina's was closed today, however, Davis Academy remained in session!

We then came back inside for a cup of hot chocolate, (I, of course, had coffee)
 and proceeded to finish our school day! A productive one indeed.

She actually asked me if they could go swimming in that pool behind her! Um, NO!

We played out there for over an hour!

I take pictures of this tree every time I go to the playground. I can't help it!
Snowflakes, snow angels, and snotty noses!

Below, I attempted some Black and Whites... "attempted",
although I am rather proud of the last shot, I call it "The Love Seat Rocker"!
A great tree around the corner. This shot doesn't do it justice. It's huge!

The playground.

"The Love Seat Rocker" by JWD. I liked this one quite a lot.

I was so glad to have captured a few moments in time while making the best of cold weather conditions.

What a great evening for some soup and a movie with popcorn!
Did you get any wonderful wintry weather this season? How did you spend those days?
Snuggled up with your kids, your dog, or a good book by yourself?
Did You get out and play in the fluffy stuff?
Enjoy your surroundings. Whatever they may be!


  1. You can have the white fluffy cold stuff ;0)

    Great pics.

  2. Great pictures! I love the snow! Here where we live it doesn't melt right away. In fact the snow on the ground right now we've had since before Christmas. The first snow of this year we took a "snow day" and didn't have school. It was a blast out playing with the kids. We didn't stay out long though because it was under 20 degrees but perfect for hot cocoa and soup!


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