Monday, February 14, 2011

"Because You Loved Me"

Did you recognize the title of this post?
Yeah, me neither!
I'm not a big fan of Celine Dion, No, I'm not even sure I've ever even heard this song.
But I love the title and so I have to start off by saying, Thanks Celine.

There is plenty I could say about Valentines Day.
I think it is an especially darling holiday.
"Speaking Of Love", I don't really believe in doing something
 outrageous for Valentines day every year.
I am happy with some quality time away from the children spent only with my husband.
There doesn't have to be a really expensive date lined up for the evening.
There doesn't have to be a large amount of cash dropped on an expensive piece of jewelry
or even on anything at all.
I do love flowers though. 
Roses will do just fine thank you very much! 
But my favorite , most very favorite of all , are wild flowers.
 Somewhat hard to find in the winter, but they are just lovely in every possible way.
Don't you think?
 Also, I am an avid believer in Greeting Cards... I LOVE CARDS!
With all my "Heart And Soul" I can not stress this enough.
 It doesn't matter if I get nothing else, a card says
 "Hey I thought of you and specifically bought, or made this JUST for you!"...
And that is pretty darn special in my opinion.
Words can be delivered through a card that just bring the extra warmth that I crave
 in knowing I am secure in the love of my mate forever and ever!
You know the old saying
"Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Can Never Hurt Me"...
Well, that isn't true in the least!
Words have more power than just about anything on earth!
The power of Life and Death are in the tongue.
Yup, Life and Death... that's what I believe.

"What About Love?"
Along the road in life, I have found that truly loving someone
 means giving of yourself to another without expecting something in return.
No reservations. No expectations.
 No underlying manipulative causes or reasons.
Just purely and genuinely giving of yourself fully and unequivocally.
It's called "Unconditional Love."
I have found that when I give myself away a little,
no matter in what manner, or to whom, 
each time I do, it brings a bit of real happiness to my life.
Why do ya think that is?
I think it's what we are meant to do.
 To give, to share, and to love one another.
It really is what we all want in the end, isn't it? To be loved.
 To hear someone say, " You Light Up My Life", "You Belong To My Heart",
 "Anything For You", "How Am I Suppose To Live Without You?".
These are the words we long to hear.

I am certain I have learned more about love than I humanly knew was even  possible to learn.
 And I've a feeling there's a lot more to learn in store for me!
 In this world of love and hate, give and take. There needs to be balance.
At some point, somethings "got to give" if there is no balance.

But in any case... Here is my heart.
Loving my husband, Mr' Takamine, more every day.
 Sometimes I'm not even aware that my love for him is growing.
But days like today, Valentines Day,
 remind me of how I love him more than I did 8 years ago when we first married.
 My love for him is unconditional. We have balance.
He is certainly and without a doubt in love with me as well.
 I don't just have his word, I have his heart. And he has mine.
Thanks for the card and flowers. I love them.
"Because I Love You" Mr. Takamine, and I always will.

I have highlighted in red all the names of different love songs here in this post.
Many of them were randomly picked.
And most certainly out of date... as is most everything in my life these days.
 Not excluding my cellphone.
 But hey, if you haven't bought a new one in the last few weeks
 yours is probably out of date too.
Jeez... Technology!!! But that's another subject entirely!

What is your favorite "Love Song" and who is the Artist?
Why do you love this song?

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  1. sweet post!!
    i love... "how do i live without you" by leann rimes... such a beautiful song and it reminds me of my hubby :0)


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