Sunday, February 13, 2011

Science Center Awesomeness

On Saturday we spent some family time getting a little fun filled education at the local Science Center in our city, where there is a load of educational filled activities every second Saturday of every month of the year.

 The previous night my oldest daughter and I went for the first time to the planetarium also located at the Science Center. Now that was awesome.The large theater dome showing of Astronaut was amazing and... pun intended, we had a BLAST!

I recently found that our local Science Center has a membership option for homeschooling families that had a really incredible value. Only $25.00 for our entire family of five. The membership includes an entire year of free visits to the Observatory and Planetarium showings, we have free admission to every second Saturday and plenty of other great discounts through the year... A GREAT value and a lifetime of priceless memories for just 25 bucks... That's pretty darn cool!!!

This was the one of the many snakes available for "cuddling"... NO thanks!!!
Not that I am a hater of all snakes, I know they serve a great purpose,
 but I don't want to cuddle with them, I can and do appreciate them from a distance.

This was by far the coolest animal at the science center. A Bearded Dragon!
He was my favorite little critter there... except for the baby mice.

My youngest darling just adored these little critters!

This was yet another snake! A corn snake. I rather liked the color and pattern, beautiful!

Are they not adorable? I am afraid their fate may be somehow intertwined
with the previous snakes you saw above... some how very sad.  :-(

Crustacean creatures. Cool.

Sting Ray petting tank... That almost doesn't even sound right.

Acid or Base?... or Neutral?

The Periodic Table.

Learning about electricity and circuits.

I would love to download more photos, but these took FOREVER
 to finish and it's now time to go make some dinner for my family!

Does your city offer any great educational fun for your family?
Museums, Zoos, and Libraries... We love them ALL!!!

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