Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teachable Moments

Photo by JD ~ Eternal Instants

The above is a photo of a letter my 6 year old daughter wrote to her ballet instructor.
We later added the words " class" to the end of the letter.

The week before, my daughter thought it would be cute
 to talk, laugh and play during her regularly scheduled
ballet class on Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Merry, the very proper and well spoken, instructor came out of the class room
and made a "B" line straight for me.

I knew immediately that something was wrong.

She said to me...

 "This is very unlike Hannah, but today she was rather disruptive.
 Lying and rolling in the floor, talking and giggling with other children.
 Did she have an unusual amount of chocolate just before class today?".

Well, I was pretty livid, because I expect grade A behavior at any and all public scenes.
(Also there was NO chocolate involved.) 
 This expectation stands no matter the situation
but most especially during a class in the area that she chose to study.

A class that we pay for on a yearly and monthly basis.

Oh no... this was unacceptable!

She was in some serious trouble and she knew it.

The following week, we discussed the issue and practiced
 (keeping in mind the importance of eye contact during conversation)
her formal verbal apology to be given the following week.

We then talked about writing a letter
and what would be the appropriate way to write a letter of apology
(keeping in mind she is in grade K5).

I took advantage of the opportunity to teach proper behavior
 and respectfulness to elders and educators
with a bonus opportunity to cover handwriting, a tidbit of grammar,
 and vocabulary development (note: disruptive and sincerely were new words for her).

Needless to say, the following week she was the most well behaved child in the class.
And I hope she continues to be more focused and respectful in the future.

What is a teachable moment that stands out the most in your mind?
How did you deal with it and what method did you use to teach the lesson?

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