Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flash On, Flash Off

I am not a professional photographer.
Totally self taught, and learning every day.
I love to challenge myself and explore my camera.
It's become an extension of who I am.
I take it with me everywhere I go.
I'm not sure how I ever lived without it.
Simply put... I LOVE photography

While celebrating my middle daughters 4th birthday
I took several shots while inside of an "Eatertainment"
 type restaurant called Gattitown.
 The children love this indoor carousel ride.
The entire area of games is rather dark... and noisy.

This first shot was using my built in flash, and while the colors are pretty
and more visible this way, there was something about the photo
 that just didn't do the atomsphere justice.

I shot the first pic in manual mode, built in flash on,
ISO 800, Tv 1/125, Av 4.5 with the kit,
18-55mm lens (because it's all I have... for now).

The next shot is taken the with the exact same settings,
 the difference is that I didn't use a flash at all.
I personally enjoy this shot more because it gives the feeling of being outdoors.
We weren't, but the feeling has a bit more softness and romanticism.
I love how the lights on the carousel become the star of the shot.


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