Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Hoped So...

The night was still and dull.
The silence was as loud as a jackhammer on concrete.
 The time was three in the morning.

 I lay in bed. Thinking of life. And of death.
What would my funeral service be like.
Would there be flowers?
Lots of them I hoped.
I love flowers!
Would the room be filled with the sounds of laughter and tears?
 I hoped so.
 I believe both are a very necessary means of cleansing your soul
 and keeping one in right mindedness. (Even if that isn't a word... Is it?... Why not?)
Would I leave this world having made a difference somehow, in someones life?
I hoped so.
 I can't imagine having been alive for any other reason.
 How would I be remembered?

Finally, I was able to drift off to sleep for a few hours.

Sometimes seeing life... A magnificent and wondrous birth... or
A sobering and saddening death...
Can thrust you into a vast sea of emotions.
And it can also bring a new light to your life.
Just when you think you have it all figured out... Life can throw you a curve ball.
That's when you realize...
Every second counts.
Every hug matters.
Every kiss genuine.

Every now and then I forget...
To do everything with all my heart.
Don't let the daily grind get ya!
Be extraordinary... because that's just what you are!

Have a Happy Day!!!

In Memory of Leon Duncan

Photo By Jenny @ Eternal Instants

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