Monday, May 30, 2011

Bring It!

I wanted to record my first experience in a full "real" photo session as I portfolio build
and learn more about this thing I love so much... photography!
So I have compiled a few images (not necessarily the best ones)
 that sort of tell the story of my journey through that day.

When I first arrived at the location... I was lost!
They found me, and as they walked up,
 I had my camera in hand ready to go and started shooting right away!

As I set the camera lighting and watched the kids I snapped this shot of Momma doing hair preparation... 
like every Momma does who's about to get pictures made of her babies!

Just fishin'... Brings me back a little and always makes me think of Mom!.

I love this shot. A true smile... "Honey buns!" (An inside joke... don't ya just love those.)

Children always have a way of bringing me out of my comfort zone
and a little deeper into the waters. I love that about them.

Brother and Sister!

Moments of Love!
He thought the whole process was kind of a comedy and was "posing" and trying to be funny.
But every shot I took of him looked awesome... He's just a good lookin' kid!

See... told you so!

I had the idea of bringing Mr. Takamine's old boxing gloves with me, and I had all of these grand ideas on how to use them, but forgot all about them until the end of the shoot.
I did get a few pretty good shots though...

What a lil' cutie!
Even though it was a hundred stinkin' degrees outside... They were still beautiful!

I enjoyed the experience so much... And I learned a lot too.
(There is bound to be post written on all of that soon!)
I know my pictures aren't the best there are to be made... But I love these people I capture!
These are the moments us Mommas want to hold on to forever.

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