Saturday, May 28, 2011

In the Stillness

In this day and age, as mothers, we tend to put all of our waking hours into
everything in our lives except ourselves.
Many moms work jobs, take care of aging parents, run a business,
get involved in their kids sports and school activities,
and some even take on the responsibility of nobly and wholeheartedly fostering other children
 (I am in awe of and love these women),
not to mention all of the everyday tasks we already have as wives, mothers, daughters and friends.
Cooking, laundry, diapering, cleaning, carpool... the list goes on.

I look around at the all the mothers I am connected to in everyday life and I am amazed.
I am just simply astounded and full of admiration at all of them.
Each carrying their own load gracefully, often without grumble, and always with love.

So why do we, as mothers, give our all to everything around us,
 leaving very little time to ourselves?
As humans, here on this earth, we each have only 24 hours in a day.
The truth is, if I could (and I can't), stay up for 24 hours every day,
 I still would never be able to finish all of the things
I want to get done in that short amount of time.
So, the only way to get balance, in my world, is to decide what things
are most important in my life and focus on doing those things first.
I've also learned to use a calender. A huge success secret for me.
(Aside from still missing birthdays here and there.)
But, I admit it. I admit to feeling a little guilty for taking time out of the day for myself.
Finding balance has always been a bit of a challenge for me.

But I'm getting better.

I have started a regular workout routine
(after the kids are down for the night... we'll see how long this lasts),
 and I put aside about 30 minutes a day for blogging.
That's a start, right?
Finding some quiet time everyday for myself has been a struggle
(ever since the kids came along anyway),
but I can tell you, that when I do make that time for myself,
 healing and rejuvenation does take place.
In that time of escape, I can better consider all of the people and things in my life
and I can take time to appreciate all those blessings,
 no matter what storms have passed by me that day.

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