Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's All About Relationships

Now 'a days, it seems like everyone wants to be a photographer. I know I've thought about it.
 But only because I love to be behind the camera. The more I do it, the more I love it.
 I have so much fun snapping those shots and tucking them away for memory, attempting to teach myself photoshop for hours, only to realize,
I've done nothing to really further my knowledge.
But I sure had fun!

As the thought of starting my own photography business came to mind, I went to the book store, (one of my favorite pass times) in search of a book that would tell me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the business of photography.

 I found & I read the book.
(And still do from time to time.)
It scared the pants off me... figuratively speaking!

 Here's a great quote from the book:

"I think we all come into this business thinking we are going to be shooting most of the time. In actuality we spend very, very little time shooting, and a whole lot of time taking care of business."
There were a few things I needed to learn...

Here was a list of pretty important things to check off before making the decision:

#1. Be really good at photography... Marketable.
#2. Love what you do. I think you have to truly LOVE it with all your heart.
#3. Expect to work hard! Really hard.
#4. Not only must you be good at photography... but you need to be willing to get good at business as well.
#5. Read the book... There is so much more!

There are a million other things to learn before you make the decision!

Go buy this book as reference.
 I have to share with you the Title and the Author.
Give credit where credit is due!

I love this book. It gives you the facts!  But it also gives you inspiration!
This book will give you plenty to think about when it comes to building your own business!

(The author of this book is in no way affiliated with this blog
or the writer of this blog (me) and is written about
purely out of love for the book and because
 I found the information to be helpful on a personal level.)

Another thing I would recommend is talking to a successful photographer
 who has been running a business long enough to give you some great advice.

There is nothing like the wisdom of a master.
I am rarely inspired to write so much.

Lately, I've been posting only photos, with very little personal writing.
I've missed writing. It always makes me feel better when I can get
those words out in front of my eyes on the screen.
With this book I mentioned above, in the forefront of my mind, I want to share.
 In review of my personal business history, I wanted to share a little about myself.
Just in case someone was interested.

I have been self employed for quite a few years now.
I remember my first thought to be self employed.
It came to me when I was working as a nurse, 9 yrs ago,
for an endocrinologist back in my hometown.
I loathed my job there.
I was empty inside and, at the time, felt no purpose in my life.

All I could think about was freedom.

Freedom from the mundane.
Freedom from the nine to five.
 Freedom from the endless boredom of a "job".
It wasn't that I was lazy. I am not afraid of hard work.
(I am a mom of three after all!)
 I actually enjoy working... especially when I'm doing something that makes me feel fulfilled.
The office job just wasn't cutting it. 

A year later I found myself fully self employed with my own housekeeping business and a schedule I could barely keep up with. I worked for several clients who had more house
to keep up with than I had time to keep it in!
  (Our biggest client's home was approximately 15,000 square feet... I'm still in awe!!!)
This was good. It was the perfect change for me in my life, at the time.
 I made friendships with families I still keep in touch with today.
 Then I married my best friend in the whole world
(who was a business major and had now become my business partner).
One of the happiest days of my life!
We immediately moved to another state.

In this state, the housekeeping business was flooded
 with folks doing it for a lot less than we were getting paid for it back home.
We decided to get out of the business.

A few short years later came the babies. Three of them.
Pretty much all in a row!
We chose, as a couple, not to enroll the children in a daycare,
and for me to be a stay at home mom.
 I waited a few tables here and there in the evenings to help pay the bills.
 But fillin' up drinks and carryin' trays of food...
 well, that wasn't cutting it either.

 I then began to get opportunities to babysit children for friends. 
Eventually, I was doing this full time.
Suddenly, I had a full blown child care center right there in my own home.
I really enjoyed it. I love children and it was allowing me to stay home
 with my own children while helping my husband out with our everyday expenses as a family of five.
At times, things did get stressful, financially, in our home.
 But I was just where I needed to be, at that time in my life.
I was providing a needed service, often for friends
 (who I am still in contact with on a regular basis).
And I am still running a very part time child care business. 

Then came the big kicker!
I had heard a few people talk about it in passing,
and I think God planted a little seed in my heart and mind one day.
 I felt a very strong tug on my heart that homeschooling would become
the choice of education for our children.
The tug turned into a very forceful pull, and when my oldest daughter turned five,
 I found myself living life in the fast lane, as our home quickly became an Academy.

 I had no background in education. The only thing I knew anything about was Science.
 As a nursing major, there was no time for learning "other" things.
Especially since my college experience was also full of "extracurriculars" (aka: Party Time).
 But that's a post all it's own.
I felt unqualified, and quite honestly a little scared.
 But, I knew one thing for sure. It was what I was meant to do.
I could run, but I couldn't hide!

So, here we are now, one full year of home education under our belt.
(I'm still alive to tell you about it!!!)
And I am once again at a cross roads.
What will my future hold?
Exactly what I make of it!

" If it's to be, It's up to me."... I love this quote!

Another year of school begins... and we aren't taking a summer break.

 Because I'm a bit crazy.
 Because I love to teach my children.
 Because I like taking days off in the middle of the week
 to do what we want to do, and sometimes that doesn't include "school"!

Sometimes we just wanna go explore, take some pictures, climb a tree!
Right now, I am just taking life one day at a time.
And I'm loving and learning all the way!


  1. You are awesome Jenny! I wish we were closer together because I know we could talk for hours. You have always been a go-getter in everything you do and you are so successful. You have captured what parenthood is all about and I commend you for your braveness in taking on the daunting task of teaching your beautiful girls yourself. Sometimes we wonder why our paths are going a certain way, but only God has control and he will not let us stray in the wrong direction. You will follow your heart and I know whatever your decide to venture into you will succeed with flying colors. Thanks for all the blogs and pictures. It is so nice to see wonderful families prospering in their daily walk with God. Love ya, Ceretia West

  2. Wow... Thanks so much for those very kind words Ceretia! You have always been a very genuinely sweet person and a true friend. Qualities that are hard to find these days in others! I give God the glory for everything good in my life... With out Him I would be nothing!


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