Saturday, May 21, 2011


I once wrote a poem in high school that my teacher made me rewrite
 because she swore I stole it from somewhere.
Yup... that's called plagiarism.
I've never done this before.
Honest to goodness, it was mine. I never stole a single line!
 But, I took this false accusation as a compliment because I thought my poem must have
been pretty good for her to think that, right?
 Or, she didn't like the content. 
The teacher was a known atheist, and I was by no means closed mouth about my beliefs.
When I was told to write, I wrote purely out of my heart.
I haven't always done this however.
I used to think everything had to be perfect all the time.
 Now, I'm just extremely thankful for my "spell check" button.
Now, if blogger would only create a "grammar" check button... then I would be set (mostly)!

The other day I was checking a spelling on a sentence and the spell checker said to me:
"Please avoid using contractions (ie: "didn't" rather than "did not") when writing formally"...
I was like, "Dude, I try never to write "formally"". Seriously.
Unless there is a professional letter being written... formality is just not my style.
The best writing, for me, is the kind that seems to be written from the heart.
The kind that isn't contrived or conjured up.
 I love to read writing that shows the persons personality and heart.
This is the writing that moves me and speaks to me.
 In other words. The writer becomes real!

Even face to face, a genuine person is easy to spot and sometimes hard to come by.
I recently spent a short period of time with a person who runs a
successful photography business.
The reason she is successful is because she is genuine.
It comes through in everything she does, and people are drawn to that!

Something that I have always found difficult doing is being transparent.
 I've heard people call it being a "glass house".
What does that mean you ask?
It means that what you see is what you get. It's sincere.
It's truly and really who this person is... their soul exposed!
 Here is why I always had trouble being transparent: I had skeletons in my closet!
And who doesn't. None of us are perfect.
 I recently read somewhere this quote:
I love this quote! It's true.
I always get nervous when my mother in law comes to visit.
Oh, you have never seen a person clean so quickly and so well as when my mother in law comes to visit. Why do I do this... Because she makes me nervous!
 Her house is impeccable, and she always complains about it being filthy.
 So what am I to believe she thinks of my home?
 It's all nonsensical, trying to make others believe you are perfect.
 We all know that none of us are!
Doing your best, using proper grammar, and correct spelling is definitely a good thing.
 In my world of homeschooling, it is a very good thing.
And it is important to know how to use proper grammar, and spell words correctly.
 I do take pride in all of these things.
However, when writing, I find that this should never be the main focus.
The content is what is most important.
Getting the message across loud and clear, in a personable way.
In my opinion, the less "professional" a person is,
(oftentimes but not all the time) the more personable a person can be.
 Someone trying to be too professional, often comes across as fake.
 People like "real" people.
 It keeps a person relate able and likable.
And that will bring in a modem for trust between two people.
Don't treat people like a number.
 Treat them like you want to be treated.
 It's one of the best rules ever written!

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