Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've shared about my firstborn, the middle, and now it's time to talk about baby.
My youngest of the girls is now 3 years old.
She's "the baby".
In fact, up until her 3rd birthday,
everyone would place the word "baby" in front of her name ALL the time.
I finally had to tell everyone,
 "Listen, we really want to try stop calling her baby now because
we want to see some real changes in her attitude, self concept, and language this year."

At one point, she would use being the smallest as an excuse.

As in, "...but Mommy, I'm just little...", when she didn't want to help clean their bedroom.
She speaks pretty clearly, but still has some trouble with her "L's", and her "R's".
I am certain this will correct itself within the next year or so.

My youngest is an angel... most of the time!

This is her pictured below.

She is very loving, cuddly, and happy.

This child has never sucked her thumb... both of the others did,
still working on my middle child on that one,
the oldest proved to be very disciplined.

Presently, she is extremely scared of bugs
or anything that gets near her making any sort of buzzing sound.
 And when I say "extremely scared", I mean kick and scream and yell "scared"!
It's really quite Ridiculous!


I was also the baby growing up, and I don't remember being treated differently as a child.

I love to watch the kids grow, change and develop their personalities.
 It's one of my greatest joys in life.

As "the baby" of the house, I make a conscious effort
 to try and keep the other children aware of their behavior
and often tell them to "be a good example" to their baby sister.
My youngest will always have their sisters to help care for her
 and "get her back" in times of need.

My baby is playful, sweet, motherly, honest, and caring.
She is funny, adorable and endearing.

Thirty years from now, she will be an amazing mother
 and she will be a beautiful and successful lady.
Others will look at her and see a beautiful person, inside and out.
And thirty years from now, she will still be my baby.

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  1. Your 'baby' is beautiful.
    I am the baby in my family, too. I was a little spoiled in that my parents had a little more money to spend on me, and my parents had relaxed a tiny bit by the time they had me (but not much).
    My 'baby' was petrified of bugs like that too, in fact once she started hysterically screaming. I panicked, certain she was badly injured, but she had just seen a very large bug!


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