Saturday, June 18, 2011

Every Sofa Needs A Pillow

Please excuse this rather boring and somewhat shallow post about "stuff"
but it seems that I am running out of images to work with.
(Which is every bit of my inspiration for writing these days.)
While my camera is being repaired, I have no way of creating new ones, 
so for now, don't be surprised if you see the old college photos
 being used as I begin "scanning" to my hearts content.
(Well maybe not  "college " photos, most of those are incriminating.)

I recently bought some new furniture for our living area.
It took me quite some time to find a style and texture of leather that I really liked.
Never the less, I found it.
And while I don't have any photos of the furniture yet, I did take some snapshots of my favorite little accessories that I added to the living space.

On most of my walls and tables you will see wrought iron and wrought iron type things.
and not much color other than the photos of my family I have scattered around,
(which happen to be all be in color, in my living space).

I also redid the guest bath and used all black and white photos.
I hope to get some shots of that later on,
when my camera makes a full "recovery" from the accident.

Below are a few shots of some of my favorite new "things" in our living area.

Every sofa needs pillows...

I loved these candles... Got 'em at Target!

 The picture you see there (of our kids) beside the candles, in the image above... 
that was taken by our favorite local photographer.
 She is amazing in every way.

I am happy with my newly decorated living space, for now...
 but I thrive on change, and will likely be moving things around soon. 
Changing space is something I like to do on a regular basis... if I can find time for it.
Mr. Takamine, my husband, thinks it's a silly thing. But I like it.
If I could, I would probably buy new pillows and candles every few months.
But I can't... at least that's what Mr. Takamine tells me.

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