Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fish School

At the end of the school year, I thought we would continue on and do "school year round".
But, as we always do in the summer, we find ourselves spending hours
 at the pool just trying to stay cool.
 We have always had water babies but I have never taken the time to teach
each child individually how to swim.
But this is the year for learning, and so I will teach.

Below is a shot of my daughter wearing our newest floatation device
(while reaching for a more interesting, more fun one).
The one she is wearing was around 12 to 15 dollars at Toys R Us.

This is not your average "pool float"... This is a "progressive" float!
You may already have one of these babies in your closet or garage
 (or wherever it is you pile the stuff only used seasonally)
and not even know exactly what it is you have.
Under the back of the life vest and the front of the life vest 
 you will see that the material will fold back and underneath there are layers
 (5 or 6, I think) of foam that can be removed singularly.
As the child progresses in swimming skills and starts showing improvement
a layer of the foam can be removed, and this continues
 until each layer has been removed and there is no longer any need
for a floatation device at all... Our ultimate goal.
(Safe T. Seal is the proper spelling for the device.)

As a former nurse, I am always interested in knowing about and sharing "seasonal" health issues.
Especially for us Mommas with toddlers, but for everyone in general. 
Winter tends to bring about those ugly flu like symptoms and the common cold.
 (Thank heaven that's all over with!)
Spring = Allergies = Yuck.
And summer tends to bring many of us to consider the issues of safety.
Especially when it comes to swimming pool safety.

There are 3 rules I have that must be followed during those HOT days by the pool.
If my kids do not follow these rules at all times... They will be "severely punished".
AKA... Time Out...
 a dreadful experience for a child at the pool who just wants to play with her friends.

1. ALWAYS wear a safety floatation device. (For now!)

2. NEVER run! I see children running all the time at the pool.
And inevitably someone always falls and plows their face into the concrete... OUCH!
(There goes a peaceful day of lounging by the pool.)
3. DRINK plenty of water and eat fresh fruit as snacks
because fruit usually contains a great deal of water (replenish) and "good" sugar.

But most of all HAVE FUN!!!

Here is a link of a video I found of an actual teaching session with toddlers...
I'm sure there are a hundred more all over the internet.

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