Friday, June 10, 2011

In The Middle

So I wrote a post about my firstborn, and I thought,
"I don't want to leave the other girls out.
They are pretty darn special too."
Below is a shot of my middle daughter, who is now four years old.

Oh, where do I begin?

I love this child so much.
She reminds me more of me than any of the other girls.
(I don't know if that's good or bad.)
My middle daughter has a song in her soul.
This is really the best description of her that I can give.
There is a song in her soul and she must sing it!
ALL the time... usually at a loud volume.
Also, very smart, very girlie, and very emotional.

She has spunk, moxie, and pizazz.

She's my "moxie" girl!

See the picture above?
She is wearing a crown, a skirt, dress up "high heels", and something pink.
This is her normal attire. Pretty much everyday.
Early in the mornings, usually around 8am or 8:30am, I hear her get out of bed.
The first thing she does is go to the closet, pull out a skirt,
 throws the skirt on, throws the hanger in the floor (ugh, my pet peeve),
 finds a pair of "play" dress shoes, slips them on,
and trots through the house on our hardwood floors
 as loud as possible to the bathroom.
Our alarm clock has spoken!

She sings incessantly, and goes from crying to laughing all in the same breath.

She is going to change lives some day.
Make people smile more.
Make them feel happy.
That's what she does for us every day.

I wouldn't trade this girl for anything in the whole world.

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  1. Such a sweet post! And your pictures are amazing! I'm absolutely loving the pink and crowns! I was such a tomboy growing up, but I've definitely learned to appreciate more of the girly things in life!


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