Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just Read

There's this book store in town that I love to go to.
It's my favorite because they have unbeatable prices.
Most of the books I buy from there are used.

I found this one (above) yesterday and had to buy it after reading the first page.
Here is what the first page looks like:

The first paragraph got me!
I had to take the survey...

OK... So yes's were bad and no's are good right?
 Depends on the perspective!
I choose... More No's = good, more yes's =... not so good!
(Bear with me, this gets a little confusing.)

I'd never baked my own bread before... EVER.
 And ironing?
Well, ironing may be the worst job ever created in my book.
Shoot... so far, it looked as if I was about to ace this test!

Oh yes... I "passed with flying colors", as they say.
The preface said, if I answer yes to more than 7 of these questions
 then I may not be reading the right book.

I could only answer "yes" to two of those.
And one of those yes's, was a "yes" only part of the time.
And you know it wasn't the two about ironing and baking.

Um... I think I failed!
Fail?, pass?, I'm confused too... who cares, I like this writer!
Besides, without failure, there is no success... right?

So I kept reading.
I was cracking up right there in the bookstore and I thought,
"I have to have this book!"
It was very slightly used in great condition for five bucks.
I bought it!

The drawing on the cover of this book alone drew me in.
I've never had much of a talent for drawing,
so when I see good drawings,
I can't help but admire the gift.

Reality TV is the new "big deal" now a days.
I prefer reality books.
This one is definitely hitting the nail on the head.
So far, this writer(s) has me glued.

This isn't someone who thinks she might know a thing or two about homeschooling
 because she knew someone who knew her cousins, uncles, nephews,
sisters, son in law, twice removed (whatever that means)
 who also home schooled their kids.
This girl has done it (with 7 children, in fact),
 and she probably knows a thing or two about a few of the ups and downs of it all.

I want to keep learning and growing in every way...
And can think of no better way to do it than to read!


  1. Sounds great! I am going to have to get that book! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Of course I remember you!! I was wondering what happened to your blog! I'm so glad you found me on Blog Frog!

    And this book sounds hilarious!


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