Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Wedding

Eight years ago, on the thirty first of May, I married my best friend!
He was, and is, my dream come true.

 I was recently given a few great DVDs on photography (specifically Canon)
 that had a world of information on them...
I can not express how much they have helped me to understand
 just a little better every aspect of this thing I love, photography.
I found myself curious about wedding photography and searched for a few image Cd's given to me by ordinary people at our wedding, not a professional photographer.
These images, among a few others, bring back so many wonderful memories.
Of people, their faces, connections... and places of the past.

I love this image (below).
This is my Dad and my Mom.
I love everything about this shot.
My husband standing beside me in the background, and my cousin beside me.
But mostly... I love Dad and Mom!

This is my amazing cousin (below)!
She is an incredible wife and mother (also of 3 girls),
and I am always inspired by her.
I have so many memories of her.

The most beautiful flower girl (below) ever.
She was tired. Still cute!

The ring bearer (and his brother) and the flower girl!
How beautiful!
Just look at those smiles.

Waiting to sprinkle us with "love" on our departure.
Too many memories of the faces in this picture... I love it!

Me and My Love.
Has it really been 8 years?

Someone stopped me the other day whining and complaining about their husband,
going on and on about how long and dreary her life had been with her husband.
(She was pregnant with her first child.)
I was making a purchase. It was my husbands anniversary gift.
I told her how awesome our lives were together and about our wonderful kids.
I told her, "Our lives get better together every year."
She said, with an unbelievable look on her face,"Congratulations!"
Little does she know, she has total control over her life with her husband.
Attitude, understanding each other, and learning to work together, can go a very long way!

My advice to every married couple...

"Choose to LOVE every day! It is a choice, and sometimes it isn't always easy to love.
But choose to any way, no matter what!"

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