Sunday, June 26, 2011

Road Trippin'

We took a road trip yesterday.
One of our favorite pass times is hiking.
So, after church, we headed up the mountain and toward some of the best trails in the south.

All of the following photos are taken with my cell phone camera.

Waiting on Mr. Takamine in the parking lot...

Yes, I know, this is a very "high school" thing to do... snap shots of yourself...
 I have a teenage neice who is constantly doing this. She is adorable.

The truth is, Mr.Takamine had just bought me those new shades, I kinda like them.
Also, I can't help but take pictures... It's what I love to do!

It was a long drive up the mountain.

It was a perfect day for a walk through the woods.

We all had a really great Sunday here in the South.
Enjoy the beauty of nature and take a hike this summer.

Happy Trails :)

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