Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Benefit of "Dolomite Lime"

 While traveling through the "tri-cities",
I found these beautiful hydrangeas and had to get a few shots of them.
I take my camera out and capture images of these little beauties every time I visit this spot.
They get more magnificent every year.
The bright blues and greens are amazing!
My two favorite colors.
The color a hydrangea will be is determined by the type of soil they are planted in.
Interesting huh?
The owner of this shrub said they "were a horrid bright pink" color,
before she altered the soil by lowering the pH to create exactly what she wanted!
I thought it was so cool that she was able to do that
so I thought I would share a link that had some interesting facts
about this wonderful blooming exquisiteness!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Very pretty! I have an endless summer hydrangea. I have never done anything to the soil with mine and usually it is pink. This year though some of the blooms are blue, some are pink, and some are a purplish color. I know that pine needles doing something to the chemical balance of the soil. I also have heard coffee grounds can alter it. :) I'll post a photo of it soon.

  2. Interesting!!! Can't wait to see them :)

  3. Wow! Nice post! Nice pics!

  4. Fresh Garden, Thanks for stopping by! I am a your newest follower. I enjoy your blog very much! Fresh fruits and veggies make me happy! I especially loved the post on Bok Choy... I grew up eating Bok Choy, and I love it to this very day!!!


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