Thursday, August 4, 2011

Girls, Girls, Girls

I happen to be a huge fan of girls.... since Mr. Takamine and I were blessed with three of our own.
I was so honored to photograph this wonderful couple and their three lovely girls last week.

We arrived at the local park.
 It was just the beginnings of another blistering hot summer day.
The temperatures were rising and so was my excitement.

As we walked across the little bridge and started down the concrete path
to the many beautiful, green filled sites, we talked and laughed.
We listened to the girls play and giggle.

The sun was shining warmly across the babies face and shadows filled the ground
 from the strong and tall forest surrounding us.

Suddenly, I was reminded, this family was a lot like mine.
A loving and ever giving mother.
A faithful and constant man who loved her dearly.
And three fun loving, sweet, whimsical girls.

I can not even explain to you how much I loved doing this photo session!
Loved, loved, loved it...

There is something about a little girl...
It's innately built within us to care for others... even with our little fluffy things.

Her curls and freckles just melt my heart!

What a darlin' baby!

Such a great family... I was truly honored!


  1. Love the pictures and love my beautiful nieces!! My sister truly is blessed with a wonderful family :)

  2. Awww...I have such a soft spot for families with 3 girls! I'm one of three girls, poor dad! We were known as "Charlie's angels" growing up. It's such a special family dynamic! I wouldn't trade it for the world (though I think he's very thankful for son-in-laws!)!

    I love the connection you captures! The pictures of the 3 sisters are my favorites!!


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