Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Davis Christian Academy "Yearbook" Photos

As always, it was late, probably after midnight,
when I ran across some amazing photo ideas
and decided right then to put them into use.
There was an excitement in the air that I could almost grasp with my hands.
It's unexplainable, the rush I get when I know I'm about to do a photo shoot.
Coffee in hand, we rushed around, four girls, happy and giddy,
as if we were about to go to the county fair
(I'm not really sure if we even have one).
Nevertheless, we began our adventure.
The wind was blowing sweetly as it gently swept the girls hair.
There were a dozen things to remember, and I was sure to forget something.
We prepared the blackboards. I was working with two at a time.
Writing as the children each told me what they wanted their image to read.
This took quite some time.
The girls just wanted to romp and play.
All the while I am trying to keep them clean and neat.
Finally the board was ready and everything was set in place.
I flipped the dial to the on position only to find the LCD screen read
 'No card in camera'.
Luckily we were on our property, so I didn't have to go far.
I have never forgotten my memory cards before.
I had thoughtlessly forgotten that I placed them on my nightstand a few nights before
 in order to make sure I had gotten all the images from each card onto my computer.
The children were very understanding and very patient throughout the process,
up until the group photos.
By this time they all either had to "pee"
or had become restless from staring off longingly
 at the playground for over an hour.
We were done!
It was so much fun and girls had a great time too...
They always enjoy being outside!

Here are a few from our session today:

If ever you are in need of a little creative inspiration never underestimate


  1. I LOVE Pinterest! You did such a great job with these! Hannah looks so mature and grown up, but all three of them are SO photogenic! Such an amazing way to keep track of their dreams and interests over the years!

  2. jenny love love love all tese pics and i want an 8x10 of each kid...but i cnt decide which ones! please save these so i can make copys next time i visit. love you and give girls xoxoxox. totally awesome idea!!!

  3. Thanks so much Becky! And Michele, I will definately get you some copies! I am offering "school" sessions at a super low rate because I LOVE school pics and I understand that parents want those special moments recorded.


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