Sunday, October 9, 2011

In the Field

 Since the start of the new school year, our lives have been busy.
Full of fun field trips and lots of learning and play.

Making memories is what I live for as a mom.
I want my kids to have every possible memory of childhood to be purely awesome.
I want my kids to say, "We enjoyed our childhood. It was good!".

I recently sat down with a busy business woman, who told me the story of her grandson who was in a public school which had recently cut their field trips back to only two per year.
This grandmother recalled the time when she was a child.
She reminisced of all the outings she and her classmates took throughout her years of education.

 I went to a public school all of my years of education.
Of all the memories I have of school, I remember our field trips most. 

Every year we would go to watch the "The Nutcracker". 
The theater was fascinating to me and I will always be grateful
 to have been able to see those showings as a child.

We also had something that was called "field day", in which,
we, the children, were given the freedom to play, romp, and roll around outside.
 Those were the good 'ole days.
I wonder why they came around only once a year.

At Davis Academy, we have a lot of field trips.
Below are some photos of our field trips since the start of our school year 2011-2012.
I hope my children will remember these good times for many years to come!

Swimming in the pool in the middle of the week.

Friday off for family reunion in Tennessee.

From the family reunion.

"Star Wars" second Saturday at the Roper Mountain Science Center.

Ladybug release in the gardens at the Science Center.

Weekly trips to our local libraries.
Roller Skating on Fridays.

Visiting Grandparents in Virginia.

Frankie's Fun Park. Hannah's first time driving!

"Niven's Apple Farm": Apple picking, hayride, corn maze, and much more.

Niven's Farm.

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  1. love this! I'm a new follower- we're a Florida homeschool family - nice to bloggy meet ya! We love love our field trips. I have 3 little boys & they adore our outings! so important to make these memories!also love the way you capture them with your beautiful photography :)


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