Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sophia Elizabeth: Future Paleontologist

I remember it like it was yesterday.
 The day before, there had been some drizzles. I love rain.
And we rushed around the apartment excitedly,
getting prepared for our family portraits to be taken by,
none other than the wonderful Life Prints by Tracie.
For the Davis Family, this had been our first family portrait session ever.
I know, sad huh!

I had spoken to the children before hand about what we would be doing,
and how our day would unfold as Tracie would capture the events of the day.

But what I remember most of all, was that my youngest daughter
was not really cooperating very well.
She wasn't really smiling and didn't want anything to do with posing for the camera.
 I thought if Tracie had gotten any good shots, at all, of Rachel,
 it would be nothing short of a miracle!

 But I was pleasantly amazed with the results of the images.
Tracie was and still remains today an amazing, respected photographer!
I don't remember Rachel smiling, but somehow Tracie got her to.
She worked that magic... I hope I have that magic too!

I tell this story because I learned an important lesson that day.
 (Even though at the time, I had never even thought of being a photographer.)

 I learned that, as with most things,
every child is different and reacts differently in any situation.
There are so many variables.
They aren't much different from us "adults".

It took Rachel a little bit, almost half the session from what I can recall,
to get comfortable in front of the camera, while my middle child,
 Laural, looked as if she'd been posing and modeling all her life.
 (All 4 years of it!)

But I have never disliked the fact that things don't always
 run smoothly during a photography session.
 In fact I love it!
 I love the challenge of getting in the heart of the subject.
Even the shots that aren't picture perfect little smiles,
especially the ones that aren't,
those are the ones that speak to my heart the most.
They are the ones that make me feel a certain
 emotional connection to the subject or to the photograph.

Such a little beauty. Love her!

We started out a little rocky, but by the end of the session,
she was smiling, and even shaking her booty at me!
 I do love a girl with moxie!

The weather and lighting were perfect.
I chose this location because I had been there once before for another session and 
I absolutely loved this bridge.

Ride 'em cowgirl!

See! Booty Shake... Love it!!!

I love this pink elephant!

Now... time to get dirty! Let the FUN begin!

Hard at work. Boots and all.

She is a visionary.

A box of chalk and few balloons later, we were best of friends!

This image is of Sophi's sidewalk drawing. It has a special meaning.

I was so honored to capture her sweetness and her spirited spunk!

Words can not explain the love I have for this last image. Love this little girl!
She was pure joy to capture and she has a special gift to give the world!

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a fabulous session! You are amazing, as always! I LOVE the colorful board and I love the balloons even more! What a whimsical touch! You did an incredible job and I bet your warm, cheerful personality put both the little girl and her mom at ease!


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