Monday, November 21, 2011

Lucky Bamboo Christmas

I've been meaning to get outside and grab some quick snapshots of the girls
 for our Christmas card this year.
We always send out picture cards every year.
I usually order from because they make it so easy!
Last year I used a coupon, and was very pleased with the overall results from my shutterfly order.
There are numerous other competitors out there
 and almost all of them offer holiday and greeting cards for this wonderful,
my favorite, Christmas season, among dozens of other card occasions.

What a great way to share images of your growing family throughout the year!

Below are a few of the shots we got today.
The children were much more interested in the playground
 sitting only a few yards from the location,
than they were having their pictures made.
I couldn't pass up the opportunity of going outside today because the day was absolutely GORGEOUS!

If there has ever been a day of perfect weather, it was today...
Maybe we will get lucky and have another one tomorrow.

I am so excited about getting the design of the card done.
Stay tuned for the final card design...
Coming soon!

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  1. love all the pics!! i miss them. i hope the weather is good for dec1st, i cant wait to see them and get big hugs!


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