Thursday, November 17, 2011

One In The Same

These images are all one in the same photo.
The very first image was the actual, original capture.
I cropped in closer to the stems of the yellow flowers with each image.

While the photo doesn't seem to be anything special,
I thought the little insects running up and down the stems were amazing.
I didn't even realize I was capturing them until later,
when I opened the image up in my Adobe software.
My original intention was to capture the yellow flowers on a windy fall day.
But instead, I accidentally captured something much more exciting.

God sometimes has a way of giving us little blessings without us even recognizing that he's done it.
It isn't until later that we actually realize the blessing was there all along.
It isn't until much later that we recognize his amazing way of working in our lives.

At least, that's the way I choose to see it!.

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  1. Oh wow!! That's phenomenal! I would never have even noticed if you hadn't shown the progression! Talk about how we miss the details when we focus on the big picture! It's amazing how God works in the little things and we don't even notice. I love this post, from the pictures to the inspiration!


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