Sunday, November 13, 2011

Um..Yes, We Did!

There is something about Christmas that gives me the warm fuzzes.

Like Smartwool socks on a frigid, snowy day,
or seeing a mother gently hold her baby close in a crowded room.

In our home, Christmas is the most festive time of year.

I am known for putting the tree up a bit earlier than most.
I do this for two reasons.
 One: I love the season.
Two: It seems to come and go all too quickly.
Why not go ahead and begin the celebration?

The girls love to see all the ornaments.
As we open the boxes that have been neatly tucked away for the last 10 to 11 months,
The squeals and giggles roar through the halls as the sounds of happiness fill our home.
Many of the ornaments hold abundant memories and thoughts of easier,
carefree days from our own childhood.

There are ornaments as old as 1978 on our tree.
Precious and wonderful.

We had a great day putting the tree up as a family.
Good times... good times!

Welcome to our balcony!

I learned to do "bokeh"... I think it's lovely.

The kids LOVE these lights on the patio.

Our tree. Oh... and our chess board set.

She is awesome in every way!

I love natural light photography because it seems to capture the moment just as it happened.
Even if there is hardly any light to work with... it speaks volumes to feel right in the moment.
Using the natural light available can bring an ambiance
and feeling of being in the moment like no other light can do.

Enjoy those special moments with your family this season!

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  1. love it!!! makes me want to come and visit again, i love you guys! have a good thanksgiving and see you for christmas!

  2. Love these!!!! You have a beautiful family!!

    Vonnie Warden


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