Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Language Of Love

Christmas has a way of bringing out the child in everyone.
The gifts are passed around, and the sounds of squeals and giggles begin to roll through the halls decked with boughs of holly over the excitement of tearing into a well wrapped box of surprise.
The time of gathering with loved ones, young and old, is a time shared all across the world
 as the year ends and a new time of endless possibilities begins.

Baby's first Christmas.




Our niece received a Karaoke Machine for Christmas.
We all played childishly and endlessly with that gift.
Fun, Fun, Fun!

Our middle daughter, Laural, is always prepared to pose for the camera.

Just hanging out in Nana's living room.

Proud Papa and Nana.

Our girls love babies.
Some people have deemed the girls with new nicknames.
For example, at the ballet school in which my daughter is enrolled,
our girls are other wise known as "The Baby Buggers".

Such a happy boy.

A baby's first Christmas is a special one in indeed!

Even in those golden years the heart is filled with joyful blessings.

I love this image of Dad reading his first copy of Fly Fish Journal.

We do our best to make sure the children understand what Christmas is really all about...
"It's more than our minds can conceive, and yet somehow in our hearts we believe!"

The spirit of love can be freely shared when gifting to others
out of the goodness of the heart.

I hope your Christmas of 2011 was filled with many wonderful instants.
Thanks for letting me share some of those captured moments with you today.


  1. Oh, Jenny...these pictures are all so precious! It looks like your Christmas was fabulous and chock-full of cuteness! I LOVE your girls' outfits and matching hair bows!

  2. Thanks Becky! It was a great Christmas. I am so excited to see what the new year holds!


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