Friday, January 20, 2012

The Need To Knead

A few months ago, you may have heard me say with assurance, "I am NO baker!!!"
For the first year of our marriage I overcooked almost every cookie I ever touched.
But today, I can proudly say, things have changed, I am a baker!

I'm not sure how I became so mildly obsessed with the process
 of making my own bread, but a few weeks ago
 I discovered that it was something I enjoyed doing immensely.

So here I am, half a dozen pizzas, five Italian calazones, and four loaves of bread
(two white and two wheat) later, and I've decided I LOVE making bread!

One day several weeks ago, while at the library with my husband and kids,
I decided I would actually go pick a few books out for myself.
This is odd, because the books I usually check out are straight out of the juvenile section.
 (As a homeschool mommy, it's pretty much necessary.)

So anyway, I found myself standing there in the corner
of the non-fiction section of the library, with a pile of books on bread making.

I still have them... I keep re-checking them.
So, if you are attempting to get books regarding bread making
 from the Greenville County Library System,
and you're having trouble finding them, it's my fault.
I'm having trouble letting go...

The photo above is my first batch of whole wheat bread.
This bread happens to be my very favorite!

My favorite book so far on bread making is called
The Bread Book by Betsy Oppenneer.
I absolutely love this book.
There are 200 recipes that go from "minimal and simple" to "unique and difficult".
I'm a minimal girl myself.
 But I am hoping to try a few more of the more interesting recipes in the future.

I also read another book that was pretty key for my first time ever making bread.
A very good book to learn all the basic information of bread making was
Bread Made Easy : A Bakers First Bread Book by Beth Hensperger.

I don't have a bread machine, and I have never used anything
 but a fork, a whisk, a wooden spoon, and some good ole' fashion elbow grease
 for baking my breads, so I'm proof that anyone can do this. It's really very simple.
Shoot, I don't even have any bread pans, I am using a meatloaf pan because that's all I have.
(The bread needs to be a bit taller as compared to a store bought loaf,
but the taste is "out of this world" better!!!)


That's a new word I made up for homemade bread.

My husband came home from lunch yesterday and said,
"You're making calazones? Wow! You're adventurous!"
I'm having so much fun with my new found hobby of bread making.
What kinds of adventurous things are you baking?
Do share.


  1. Good job! Wow, those loaves look delicious! There's something special about homemade bread - the feel of the dough on your fingers, the smell while it's's a magical experience!


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