Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Ones That Got Away

As I went through my photos from the past year for my previous post,
I found a few images that I either didn't remember or had forgotten about.
These are images from my second session ever.
As I discovered them, I recalled the day we shot these images...

It was a very sweaty, sticky, and just a downright smouldering HOT day.
Those kids were real troopers. Bless their hearts. (That's a southern "swear"...hehehe.)
They smiled and laughed and had fun even under those extreme circumstances.
It was two hours later, at the end of the shoot,
 that I asked sweet Ry to put those big boxing gloves on and pose for the shutter.

The boxing gloves belong to Mr. Takamine. He hadn't worn them in years.
But he and I, back before we were married, used to study Kickboxing and Kung Fu together
at this really awesome little dojo back in Tennessee.
I thought those over sized boxing gloves would be just darling on a little boy.
I was right. They were. At least I think so.
(Then again, I tend to have an emotional connection to all my clients,
and any image of them. <tear>)
It's always a great little treasure to discover images that have been passed by or forgotten.
You know the ones... the ones that somehow got away.


  1. I LOVE the new flower design here! It is so fresh and spring-like! And the boxing glove picture is so precious! What a great idea to bring that playful, yet serious little boy persona out!

  2. Thank You Becky! I haven't changed my blog header and background in.... well, EVER! I wanted to fresnen the look up a bit... I think I can use to it.


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