Friday, January 20, 2012

Pen Pals & Hand Made Stuff

There is just something very special about handmade things.
A friend of mine gave me this sweet crocheted headband a few weeks ago
 that was hand crafted by her sister.
Now, I don't know her sister, and her sister doesn't know me, but I love that headband,
and I proudly tell everyone that it is hand made every time the girls wear it.

Once, I tried to crochet a scarf...
It was a major epic fail!
Thank heaven for crafty crocheters,
 because I certainly wasn't blessed with that talent!
These sweet handmade accessories can be found here, at

 I may not be a very crafty person but I do like to make things.
 I think all of us women were made to create, and use our hands, in some way or another.
This year, I decided we would make our own Valentines Day cards.

Work in progress!

Our family is connected with other fabulous homeschooling families
 through various get together groups in our area. 
One of the things we participate in is Pen Pal writing.
 As for now, only two out of three of the girls are writing.
(Our youngest girl's handwriting skills are coming along rather slowly.)

In this day and time, with e-mail, Facebook, and all the other ways of virtual connection,
 handwriting is becoming a lost art.
I've even heard that some of the school systems aren't even teaching cursive handwriting anymore.
I guess this is because everything is being done on computers,
 and since PCs don't type in cursive, there doesn't seem to be a need for it anymore.

I'll be teaching cursive at Davis academy, I can guarantee that.
(Or, at least giving it a go... ha.)

Anyway, I know how much I enjoy getting hand written letters in the mail from friends and family
 (it's nice to get those, rather than junk mail and bills, right?).
I was so excited to have the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program.
The girls get terribly excited about getting those letters in the mail every couple of weeks.

Pen Pal writing also gives us a chance to practice our writing skills
and we use it as part of our writing assignments for class.

All the kids who participate in this program
are developing friendships that could possibly last a lifetime!

I'm simple, so the cards are simple too. Pretty basic stuff. Another DIY that my six year old could probably do.

 I sort of ran out of color ink, of course!, right before the card making process began.
So the card looks sort of like it's been "photoshopped" in soft tones... not really so.
Oh well! I think the card looks okay and I've only started the first one,
and plan on replacing my ink cartridges before we complete the others.

Items: Scissors, glue stick, glitter stickers, grosgrain ribbon, and a printed 4x6 photo on index card paper.

I will use this one as an example for the kids to go by
and we will make these a couple of weeks before Valentines Day
 as an art project one day at school.
Or maybe even on a chilly, winter, bored, Saturday afternoon.
The girls are always looking for something to keep them busy.
They like crafty stuff.

Found these sweet glitter stickers at Walmart.
 Can't wait to see the finished product made by the girls!
What kind of awesome crafty talents have you been gifted with?
Share them with your kids and share them with us!
We need all the ideas we can get!

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