Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflecting On 2011

Looking back on the year 2011,
 I can certainly say I have been blessed beyond my understanding...

I am closer to and more in love with my husband today than I have ever been
(which I never thought was even possible), our children are doing well in school this year,
as we continue our second successful year of homeschooling the girls.
Our family has been free of sickness and disease. We are almost never sick.
 Not even with the common cold. Praise the LORD!!!
I have had a amazing year photographing beautiful people,
who have all become dear friends.

I am shooting at a level with which I am happy,
 for my first year ever of shooting an SLR.
I haven't had a hundred photo sessions, but I've had at least a dozen...
and I really payed attention. I learned a thousand things.
 I am glad to say, I have grown by leaps and bounds over the last 365 days.
I have truly enjoyed my camera, the Canon T2i.
I don't think I could have asked for a better starter SLR camera.
My first camera ever was a Kodak EasyShare almost seven years ago
(which is all I used up until December of last year).
I loved that camera.
But in December of 2010, I was ecstatic to retire the old Kodak
and receive my first Canon as a gift from the beloved Mr. Takamine,
the best husband ever!

When it comes to photography,
I am happy to say I am completely self taught.
Now, when I say I am completely self taught,
I am saying I have never taken any formal classes, online or otherwise.
I put myself through a casual self directed learning process of reading everything
that would interest me on the subject of photography.
 Magazines, books, DVDs, I have been a sponge!

I spent this past year soaking up information that I learned
 by studying the businesses of other photographers,
studying their work, looking through hundreds of images
 searching for where the light came from and how it was created...

By doing this I have been able to develop a vision for what I want my photography to look like
 (or not look like) and an understanding of what I want my business to be (or not be).
That's the fun part about this art. Developing a style of my own.

Photo of me (evidently something was funny). Taken by Michele Duncan October 30, 2010.

It has been an amazing thing to get to do what I love, at my own pace, without being rushed.
I love photography, and I never want it to become something that I have to do.
It's too much fun and the images are too important not to give it my all and my very best.

For me, it's all about quality, not quantity.
One of my favorite wedding photographers does no more than 20 sessions per year
 to ensure that her brides are getting the very best quality service.
I like that. I think that's smart.

I have enjoyed capturing instants from the year.
I am looking forward to posting some of my favorite images from 2011 in my next post.
 I'm excited about a new year of capturing great memories,
and making new and lasting relationships and friendships.
Here's to 2012!

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