Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Year End Photo Reflection

I love entering a new year.
This means I get to step back, look at myself, and get brutally honest.
How can I improve my photography, and how can I take it to the next level,
 in order to make sure my clients are getting the very best.

I LOVE change!
Many people do not enjoy it.
 They get in a comfort zone and stay there.
I enjoy comfort also. Who doesn't?
But even more than comfort, I love a shift, a change of scenery...
I am easily bored with staleness and actually thrive on change.

So, as I seek out ways to alter, modify, and improve,
 I will go forward with images of past that will shine on in my heart forever.
Here are a few images from the year 2011 that I have truly enjoyed capturing.
And along the way I have developed friendships with people that will last a lifetime.
To all my clients from 2011, I love you all and I have been totally honored
 to capture those amazing and quickly fleeting instants in your life!

The picture above I think is my one of my favorites of the year. A lady bug release in a beautiful garden.
 I shot this image at our local science center while on a field trip
with our daughters and other homeschooling friends.
While this image may mean nothing to many,
 it holds a very special memory that will last eternally in my mind,
as, it represents God's amazing grace, love of family, and my passion for photography.


I have a very special friend who has a farm, and on this farm she has some chickens.
They were one of my favorite things to shoot this past year.
Aside from being pretty cool little animals, they turned out to be very pretty in photos.
I was excited and happy to capture these gorgeous creatures at Bramble Fox Farms,
and I am looking forward to seeing her business grow into a dream come true.


The images below are snapshots of my last and most recent session of the year, a one year birthday shoot.
This little baby girl and I share the same birthday, and I feel a special connection to her and her mother.
This little girl was such a pleasure to capture.
I loved seeing her thoughtful and happy personality shine through
as we spent a frigid December morning celebrating our special day.


Below are the images of our daughters that I shot for our 2011-2012 school year.
This image was inspired by the combination of several very different images
 that I was glad to come across on pinterest.
Davis Academy is going strong as we continue our second full year of education.


Taylor, the beautiful and talented senior from Tennessee.
This client came through word of mouth from another senior session also shot in Kingsport, TN.
Taylor was a pleasure to photograph.
I never knew Taylor before this session, but I am so totally honored to work with her,
and am looking forward to seeing her bright future become successful in every way!


Below are a few shots from my first wedding shoot ever.
Oh my goodness! This was SO much fun!
Brandon and Sarah are a great couple who I enjoyed getting to know
and I loved photographing their very special day.
There was a wonderful energy and lots of laughing during this shoot.
I would love, love, love to do a few more weddings in the future.
One of my favorite sessions this year!


This was my first baby session ever.
Every time I think of baby images I think of my dear friend, our family photographer,
Tracie has been sort of a mentor and most assuredly a wonderful and patient role model
 for myself as a mother, photographer, and friend.
I have much respect for baby photographers, as this field of photography
 takes a very special soft and tender spirit.


I am so glad to have met and become friends with this family.  
These girls are so precious!
I feel the mother of these three little girls and I have a kindred spirit.
Her children are as wonderfully sweet as her amazing chocolate.
I have added the link below.
 Night Owl Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate maker,
handcrafted locally here in Greenville, SC.
Her chocolate is amazing!


I loved this sister session!
This session was shot in Bristol, VA, on an absolutely gorgeous day.
I will never forget this photo shoot, for the time we spent during this session was very special to me, and these sisters have a very, very special place in my heart forever.


The session below was a family from Greer, SC.
I have known these awesome children for about seven or eight years now.
I have watched them grow and my heart is filled with love for them and hope for their future.
I am so happy to know this loving family and honored to have captured these moments.


Gator fan and future Paleontologist, Sophie is one of the brightest,
most darling little ones that I know.
She is a free spirit and her shyness and spunk fills my heart
 with joy every time I look at these images.


My very, very first session ever. I shot this senior session of Jessica in Kingsport, TN.
Jessica has a beautiful soul, heart and spirit.
I am looking forward to seeing all that God has in store for her future.

These are just a few of the images I have taken this year.
There is a quote by one of the worlds best photographers that says,
"Your first 10,000 photos are your worst".
I am fairly certain I have surpassed that number, but I am never finished learning.
I will continue to learn in and love this art for the rest of life.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."
Psalm 119:105


  1. Oh wow. I LOVE this post! I love your attitude about the new year and I love all of your pictures! What a great way! I cannot wait to see all that God does in your life this year!

  2. Cool! Thanks Becky! 2012 is gonna be a great year!


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