Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Carrie & Jeff

It was just a few short months ago that I got the call.
It was a reference from the officiant of another wedding I had shot last year.
I previously did not know either Carrie or Jeff, but after speaking to Carrie
I knew immediately that this couple was a blessing sent straight from the Lord...
And I felt a special connection during our first phone conversation.
Carrie is so kind and so sweet, and she and her entire family
were a total blessing to work with.

Road trip!!!
Mr. Takamine and I were ready for a road trip,
and this time it was a real treat because there was not a single child
in the car with us on the way to, during, or from the location of the event.
 "And all the parents of more than one child, and with a toddler said, Amen!!"

But seriously...
We woke up bright and early Saturday morning, even though we had readied our things
 and set them beside the door the night before, because we were excited!
And why wouldn't we be?
I was going to take pictures and he was going to play the guitar.
Both of our God given gifts and passions put together,
for the cause of glorifying our Lord and Saviour in a holy communion
 of two souls, made for each other, ordained by Him.
That's just pure awesomeness!!!

I love weddings!
I love the beautiful dresses, the amazing bouquets of flowers, the family gathering,
but mostly, I love the true love between two people.
A look, a touch, a smile...
I love to see those moments and capture these amazing instants.
This event was overflowing with these moments.
I literally looked back through these pictures and squealed with delight,
and I even teared up at some of the pictures as I could feel the love
and happiness seeping straight out of the image.

I am a total corn ball, pure cheese... I know!
But listen... it's true.
I loved this event and to all those who were there,
 you are all amazing people!

Here is the unfolding a beautiful love story told through my lens...


These are just few of the images I was able to catch on this very special day.
Carrie and Jeff... Congratulations!
You both hold a very special place in our hearts and have given us memories,
 that we ourselves will never forget.

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