Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pink Balloons & Cupcake Sprinkles

 It may have been bright and sunny,  
but the wind was blowing fiercely, and it was an absolutely freezing cold February day.
Despite the weather we made it through our outdoor session and moved on into the indoors.
It was a cozy, delightful little piece of southern beauty. The perfect place for a party.
There were cupcakes there, sweet pink balloons, and the warmth of loving family and friends!

Love those Daddy Daughter moments!

The invitations were so sweet!

I love this name. So simple. So perfect.

Those "cuppy" cakes were yummy!

Check out these sweet baby pacifier candies.
They are made with two Life Savers and a pink jelly belly!
How creative!!!

I love the series of photos above... Balloon hide and seek!

What a beautiful Mommy!

Wendy did an amazing job at planning and creating a really beautiful baby shower!
I'm thinking I would have loved to have had my baby shower photographed.
What a very special event, with so many sweet memories.
I am filled with joy and was completely honored to have photographed this event.


  1. Oh, what a beautiful shower! Lovely pictures and what a sweet little girl! You got amazing shots and you're absolutely right! I want a photographer at my baby shower someday! Amazing memories to capture.

  2. Good job jenny! that little girl is so cute. love the shot with her and the balloons ..too cute!


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