Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break

What would Spring Break be without some luscious blackberries?!...

And swimming by the pool???...
 Which I am certain was filled with water that was entirely too cold
 for any mother in her right mind to take her children to...
But, it was 84 degrees out, so it was a nice thought nonetheless.
The children loved it, and created some great memories!

My youngest daughter, pictured above,
was not interested in swimming much, but she loves to wear her suit,
 and dangle her feet to about ankle deep.

My middle daughter... well, she has no fear, or sense , if you ask me on the right day.
She was ALL in... Head to toes, and loved every minute!!!

My oldest daughter, was all in from about the shoulders down,
but definitely wasn't going all the way under!

And my niece loved every minute, she was a "head to toe' er" too!

 Love these girls and LOVE (and desperately need) spring break too!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Little Patio Garden

It's the first year we've ever tried having a garden.
We planted just a few things to start with,
and if everything goes as planned for this garden
maybe next year we will have even more delicious vegetables and herbs.

So far so good, except I can NOT get rid of these crazy doves who want to perch on my tomato plants.
I hope this doesn't sound mean, but I do not want them there.
On the rail is fine, but NOT on my plants!!!
They need to GO AWAY!!!
Any and all advice regarding this issue is very much appreciated!

Happy Monday!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sweet Baby Jane

Maybe you've been there...
A moment in time, when life itself is tangibly more precious
than any other thing in the whole wide world.

The birth of a sweet angel.

Time stands still for only a short while,
 then it seems we are looking back at only memories,
 for the little angels grow and become toddlers...
more memories to be made.

I was absolutely honored to capture these precious moments for such a special family.
You guys know how I love my "sister sessions".

Below is a family you may remember from another event session I shared not too long ago,

I can not tell you how much I enjoyed this session,
 and look forward to watching sweet baby Jane grow and the entire family blossom.

Big Sister!

Baby Jane's mother made this beautiful butterfly mobile!
I am still amazed. It is so gorgeous!!!

Oh man, talk about making my heart melt!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

They Grow Up

Our middle daughter had a birthday.
She turned five years old yesterday.
I took these while waiting on our oldest daughter get out of ballet school yesterday.
I love this girl with ALL my heart.
Happy Birthday Laural Elizabeth!!!