Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh Yeah...Hannah Turned Seven!

I was looking over the photos of the girls, reminiscing about the past seven years,
 when I realized, I had forgotten to do a seven year shoot with our oldest daughter,
 Hannah, on her birthday back in February.
We have birthdays, bam, bam, bam, three in a row right after Christmas!
It's a crazy, fun few months!!!
 I did do blog posts on the other two girls and I decided
I just couldn't leave out my firstborn daughter.
I seriously can NOT believe that I have a seven year old daughter!

So as we were driving down the road today,
 I saw this pretty little spot on the side of the road
 and knew I had to stop and grab some shots.

Hannah is a very sweet girl. Her spirit so so pure.
She is delicate, sweet, and likes to play in the dirt.
She's smart and catches on easily.
 This makes my life as a homeschooling mother
 a little easier than I would have ever dreamed.
(But hey, let's get real, it ain't easy!)
I am very proud of Hannah.

We just love her!!!

This finalizes my blog entries of our girls 2012 birthdays,
and I just want to end it by saying,
becoming a Mommy was not just a physical change,
a mental change, a financial change, or even just a life change.
When God gave me those children, he changed my spirit,
he soften my heart, and I developed a stronger, closer walk with my Lord.
(Kids have a way of bringing one to her knees!)
These children have given a joy to my life that can never be replaced or even explained.
Thank God for my kids!!!

Rachel Turns Four

Our sweet little angel is now four years old!
I can hardly believe it!
She is kind, fun loving, and definitely the baby in the family.
She's the kind of girl you want to hold and squeeze and kiss forever.
Her heart is pure gold.
Happy Birthday to our sweet little Rachel Anne!!!

As we left the park the girls handed me a bunch of the flowers, shown in the picture above.

Always accept a bouquet of freshly picked flowers from a child,
and do so with enthusiasm.
The smile on their face is worth it!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Family Is Everything

I don't really know where to begin as I share the images from this beautiful family session.
My heart is overflowing...

I've known them for over 7 years now,
and I am so glad God has brought them into my life!
What a great, strong, amazing family!
(Mia, Cosme, and Alex: You three are very special to me,
and I love you very dearly.)

I was totally blessed and honored to capture these moments of this wonderful family!

A handsome gentleman!

 Beautiful Girl!



Amazing Mom!!!

 I loved creating and capturing these memories...
 Hope you will chreish them as much as I do.
Love you SO much guys!!!