Thursday, April 5, 2012

Family Is Everything

I don't really know where to begin as I share the images from this beautiful family session.
My heart is overflowing...

I've known them for over 7 years now,
and I am so glad God has brought them into my life!
What a great, strong, amazing family!
(Mia, Cosme, and Alex: You three are very special to me,
and I love you very dearly.)

I was totally blessed and honored to capture these moments of this wonderful family!

A handsome gentleman!

 Beautiful Girl!



Amazing Mom!!!

 I loved creating and capturing these memories...
 Hope you will chreish them as much as I do.
Love you SO much guys!!!


  1. You did SUCH a good job with these! The poses, the candid captures some amazing connections! It's easy to see the love. :-) Another amazing shoot!

  2. Thanks Becky!!! I know you are so very busy, and it makes my heart smile that you still take the time to drop by... You are such a wonderful encouragement to me. <3


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