Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rachel Turns Four

Our sweet little angel is now four years old!
I can hardly believe it!
She is kind, fun loving, and definitely the baby in the family.
She's the kind of girl you want to hold and squeeze and kiss forever.
Her heart is pure gold.
Happy Birthday to our sweet little Rachel Anne!!!

As we left the park the girls handed me a bunch of the flowers, shown in the picture above.

Always accept a bouquet of freshly picked flowers from a child,
and do so with enthusiasm.
The smile on their face is worth it!


  1. Your pictures are incredible, as always! What a sweet, sweet girl you have! She looks so much older than 4! Absolutely adorable! Happy birthday, Rachel!

  2. Becky, thank you for your kind words! I really appreciate you stopping by! You have made me smile and brought me joy today!


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