Thursday, May 24, 2012

Backstage Pass

My daughter, Hannah, had her last ballet performance
 of the year this past Tuesday evening.
Spring Performance 2012.

In some form or fashion, I always end up being backstage help.
I really LOVE being back there.
It's terribly exciting!
From watching the girls faces as they await their fleeting moment of fame,
to getting first glance of all the fabulous costumes of each performer...
I breathe it all in and love every moment.

There are a number of reasons why being "stage help" is fun for me.
I have the chance to grab photos that most of the parents don't have the opportunity to see,
 much less capture in photograph.

So whenever I hear that the Company needs volunteers,
I'm the first one to sign the sheet.
As long as my girls are a part of this incredible ballet school,
 the frantic search for one more volunteer is over!

Shot this in almost pitch black circumstances. We were in the balcony, waiting for the opening show!

Hannah on the left.
Backstage...Dancers and Mr. K owner of Greenville School Of Ballet on the right.

Watching and waiting....

Last minute touches...

The girls ballet instructor sweetly reminds the girls to "shhhhh...."...

You can see how these girls love her!

Clowning around!
Playing hand games... Waiting again!

Fun group of gals...Not a bit shy!


The whole gang... except for a few lost somewhere in the spots and stripes of it all.

This was so much fun and I am looking forward to seeing
many more of these performances in the future.

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  1. These are FANTASTIC pictures! I have no idea how you were able to catch such a clear, non-grainy shot in an almost dark setting! You're a photography master! This all looks like so much fun! Love the costumes and all of the girls are adorable!

  2. Thanks Becky! As for those backstage and balcony shots, I set my ISO at 6400 and just started clicking. I shot these on the Canon5D MarkII and I used my 50mm 1.4... just shot wide open. It was SUCH a good time. I have learned this year that I love the theater!!!


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