Wednesday, May 9, 2012

City Girl or Country Girl?

It was Saturday, the girls and I had been invited to a birthday celebration
of a friend at a somewhat nearby farm in our area.

It was hot, but the farm was full of quiet shady spots,
 which I found myself searching for often.

My favorite shady spots were, the tree from which the ever popular tire swing hangs, 

  the grassy area where we picnicked and had lunch,

the lovely, boot filled front porch,

and the nostalgic, animal filled barn.

What a lovely way to celebrate a birthday... We feel so blessed to have been invited.

We are currently a third story apartment living family <sigh>...
Oh how I long for the country.

But there are perks to being in the middle of the city. I love that everything is close to us.
And we don't have to go very far to see beautiful sights like the ones I captured in the above images.

So I guess I'm still waffling over where I want to live...
but the country sure does feel right.


  1. If this isn't the Steven's farm, I'd be shocked! I love love love that place! And those folks are the ones who inspired me to pick up the camera again after leaving my dream in the first place. I love them so much! They're my girl's Nana and Papa. Beautiful captures!

  2. Melissa Ann, I just have to say, Papa and Nana were one of the sweetest, most wonderful couples I have ever met. They opened their home up to us as if we ourselves were part of their family. The Stevens farm indeed is a little peice of heaven on earth!!! Your girls are entirely blessed to be able to call them Papa & Nana


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