Saturday, May 19, 2012

Discovery: A Beautiful Thing

Our favorite annual Field trip:
The Roper Mountain Science Center's Home School Discovery Day.

I can not even begin to tell you how perfect this day was.
(The only thing we were missing was Daddy. <sad face>)
The weather was spot on.
 The wind blew just right across our faces and the sun shone perfectly
 down on land and water around us.

The children were so well behaved and eager to learn throughout the entire trip.
Everyone that helped work the event was so helpful and kind.
It really was a beautiful and magical time.

The Lily Pond

Isn't God's world amazing?

So much to discover...

I'm not gonna lie... This made me very nervous.

They loved this little spot by the water. And it is lovely indeed.
They were playing in the moss that floats on top of the surface of the water.

And this is what I get when I say, "On the count of three, smile sweetly!".

Man, I love those little stinkers!

Rachel had to sneak a sniff. They were so beautiful...

I love English Ivy!

I thought this butterfly bush was beautiful.

After finishing up at the Butterfly Garden and Wildlife Pond,
 we took a back trail to the Living History Farm and the Old School House.

The Old School House.

Rector School, 1898-1913

In the foreground of this image is the wood stove that heated the one room schoolhouse.
If  a child's parents contributed to the wood pile for the school year,
 then the child would get to sit nearest the stove,
and those children whose parents did not contribute to the wood pile had to sit farthest from the stove.

The Organic Garden... I'm completely envious.

The girls were getting a lesson on organic gardening, composting, and natural pest control.

I learned that dog hair, when spread along the beds of the garden,
can be an excellent deterrent against those pesky but sweet little fur balls, like the rabbit,
who like to come along and nibble at the veggies we work so hard to grow.
I thought that was pretty neat!

These images are shots of the kids pulling up weeds so the workers could plant more veggies.
I think this was the girls favorite part of the day.
They LOVE to play in the dirt!

Soapy water is another natural pesticide. My girls wouldn't touch these little critters.

 The garden was an amazing rainbow of all kids of flowers, veggies, and produce.
The above right shot is a row of black eyed peas.

EVERY thing was beautiful!

Such a lovely little farm. And I couldn't resist the texture of the thistles.

The kids were looking at bees.

The larvae sacs of a moth.

Tasting honey... it was SO good!

I love honey! 

The process for getting honey is fascinating.

Laural and Rachel were obsessed with the sting ray. This made me a little nervous as well.

He was posing for me.
When petting a sting ray, never touch the tail and use a gentle two finger stroke along the back.

All sorts of cool little experiences to be had.

The Rain Forest. So enchanting!

After finishing up at Harrison Hall of Natural Science,we headed over to Hooper Planetarium.
All the photos below were just a few shots of our adventure to the big screen,
and also the famous Mars Roller Coaster.

The girls think is is just AWE-some!

This would conclude our little adventure...

We never even made it to Symmes Hall Of Science.
We missed Cow heart dissection, Strawberry DNA extraction, and tons of other cool stuff.
There is never enough time to see everything.

We are already looking forward to next years adventures
at Home School Discovery Day!

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