Wednesday, May 23, 2012

He & She

If you are looking to improve your photography,
practicing is seriously one of the BEST things you can do.

Photography is like anything else,
 practice WILL make you better,
and along with that, your muscle memory will improve
 and shooting will become a habit.
Your reactions, while shooting, will become natural and more fluid.

Always in the learning mode...
Here is a shot that I grabbed of Ben taking a picture of an awesome tree trunk!

This is the image that Ben was capturing as I was shooting the image above.

 Ben has been shooting for maybe a couple of months...
 It took me a year to shoot like he is shooting now.
He is a very fast learner, and I hope this means I am a good teacher.
I was completely self taught. No one was there to show me how to do anything.
It was a long tough journey for me,
but it was worth the time I spent studying the manual,
 and learning on my own.
I had the desire. I wanted to be better. To improve my skills.
So I did what I had to, and still have SO much more to learn!

Here is an image of me that Ben was capturing while I was capturing a moment of the girls.

This is one of the shots I captured while Ben was shooting me in the previous image.
A little coaching goes a long way...

I love my clients and my friends!
It has been an amazing journey so far,
and I LOVE that Ben and I have another common interest and love.
We are having so much FUN,
and we are looking forward to helping others along the way.

Tip of the week: Practice, Practice, and Practice some more!


  1. Such a great tip! I really need to get out and practice more myself! I've been taking pictures with our little digital camera recently, because it's easier to carry around with us, but it's so much more fun to take (& edit!) pictures with the DSLR! Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  2. Hi Becky... I don't do much editing if I can help it...I think editing is my least fave part of photography. I have learned to get my photo exactly the way I want it in the camera FIRST, I see photoshop as only the icing on the cake. Just a little punch of color, removal of the occassional facial blemish... but mainly I love shooting! With all the great and convenient phone cameras now... it's just easier.


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