Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trail Daze

It was a perfect day for the trail.
We were up & at 'em early.
The girls were beyond excited because it was our first hike of the year.
We normally try to take several trail adventures throughout the year,
 most of them end up being after the school year is over.
So glad to have enjoyed our first one with a fantastic group of families and eager to learn kiddos!

We had an amazing time!!!

Just wanted to share a few images from our fun field day!

What an amazing group of young people. They will be world changers!

I have learned to appreciate the black rat snake.

Hummingbird nest.


Our guide was talking about the Laurel bush.

I was very blessed to meet some wonderful folks on this hike. New friendships.

The work of our forest friend, the beaver.

The work of the yellow bellied sap sucker.

A precious Mommy moment!

Pictures of people taking pictures.

These bright, glowing green critters were ALL over the place.

We all had such a great time... We have pictures to prove it!

A little bit of indulgence... it won't hurt anything.

We ended our hike at a nearby store for ice cream.
A most delicious little spot called Aunt Sues Store.
Suddenly, I can't stop thinking of how I would love to have another waffle cone,
 with a great big, cool scoop of Sweet Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Creme....
Yes, I want one right now.

Gotta run... road trip to Aunt Sues... Who's in!?

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