Thursday, May 3, 2012

Genuine Family Love

Usually, when I meet someone, once we begin to talk, I can get an idea of who the person is,
and what the person is about. It isn't difficult to get to know someone.
 I have found the more I listen, the more I learn.
So I try to keep my mouth shut as often as possible.

When I met this family, I learned three important things about them in less than an hour...
One: They are hard working business owners. I like this because I consider myself a pretty hard worker (most of the time), and I believe hard, smart work is essential to true success.
Two: The family unit is of great importance to them. They have a great love within their family.
We have this very important value in common.
and Three: They are genuinely great people.
They are kind, happy, giving, and successful.
What's not to love about this beautiful family?

I hope you will enjoy these images of this amazing family.
What a blessing they are to us,
and we are greatly honored to have had the opportunity
 to capture these special moments, as seen through our lens...

This has to be one of the cutest little boys I've ever met!

All the children are so beautiful...

What a very pretty Mama... On the outside and the inside!

I enjoyed meeting these children so much... Such fun loving kids!

The love between these two was completely apparent and oh so special! Aren't they gorgeous?!

Ben and I were totally blessed to capture this family... totally blessed!!!

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