Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dreams DO Come True

This past weekend, was yet another long weekend for our family.
I LOVE long weekends!

We headed to Virginia for a one on one photography coaching session,
in which we decided would be much more educational with a live model!
So, we decided the best way to make the most of our road trip was to
 "kill two birds with one stone", as they say.

I use to work at Cato Fashions, many moons ago!
It was my first job ever!
Little did I know, I would work for Cato Corporation for a total of 7 years,
off and on, throughout college and thereafter.
I really enjoyed the clothes, and the girls with whom I worked.
It was there that I would discover a very important part of myself,
and also develop new friendships.
I thrived there after a few years, and worked my way up to management,
where I met the mother of this amazing and handsome baby boy!

Bobbi Jo had contacted me quite some time back
 interested in having some photos done of the new family addition.

I am so glad she did because we had a blast,
 and Jackson was a total delight to work with!

I enjoyed this session so very much,
and was honored to capture these moments for my dear friend.

I hope you will enjoy these moments for a life time,
and I look forward to our next session with the whole family!


And for Jill,
 I hope you were able to learn a lot more about this crazy, FUN,
world of photography.
I believe you have everything it takes to succeed!

You will be a wonderful photographer,
 and I look forward to watching you grow...
and one day...
 I want to come watch you at work in your home studio,
 rolling around in those tall boots, doing what you love!!!
Dreams DO come true!!!

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